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The NEO is the latest manual espresso maker from Flair, built for beginners and those seeking convenient, affordable espresso in their homes.

The secret to The NEO is our custom Flow-Control Portafilter, which restricts the flow of your brew water through your coffee grounds to help ensure the proper pressure and extraction time, regardless of your beans or how well you’ve been able to dial-in your grinder. The result will stay the same, delicious espresso, topped with crema, in your cup.

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An Affordable Manual Espresso Maker For Your Home

The NEO makes delicious, in-home espresso easily and affordably. We designed this product knowing that Moka pots, many pod machines, and other in-home brewers claim to make espresso, but really only provide you with a cup of strong coffee, unless you want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

We created the NEO to be simple, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fun, all while producing delicious espresso. The NEO features a flow-control portafilter, which simplifies the brewing process by controlling the flow of your brew water through your coffee grounds to ensure proper espresso extraction. This means that you can use any whole beans you want and grind them with any grinder you have — from high end burr grinders to less expensive bladed grinders. The result will be the same. Beautiful, delicious shots of espresso topped with a thick layer of crema.

Flow Control for Simplified Brewing!

The Flow-Control Portafilter is easy to spot, being bright red. It’s also easy to use, and is the key to simple manual espresso brewing with the NEO.

A restricted exit port means that even if your grind isn’t dialed in, or you’ve got inconsistent grounds from a blade grinder, your brew water will have enough contact time to extract delicious espresso.

This is manual espresso brewing…simplified.







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1 review for Neo Flair Espresso Maker

  1. Gabriel Hagad

    Awesome product and very helpful seller!

    Can get your espresso brewing started on a budget (relative to other flairs/espresso machines). Really durable and can create amazing quality shots. The learning curve isn’t too bad either due to the pressurized portafilter. Add ons can come later, but if you can purchase them with the Neo, you might as well buy them right away.

    • hello_tmb

      Hi Gabriel!

      Thank you for the kind words. Cheers to more days brewing mindfully!

      Method Brewers

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