Flair Espresso PRO 2


Raising the manual espresso bar once again, we’d like to introduce you to the Flair PRO 2. Maintaining all the performance of the original PRO, the PRO 2 features four upgrades including a removable spout, an enhanced bottomless portafilter, a gauge guard for increased durability and a silicone grip for better brewing ergonomics. Improving on the best is what we do.

The Flair PRO 2. Come brew with us.

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PRO 2. Get the Best in Manual Espresso.

  • Brew cafe-quality espresso from wherever you are
  • Custom pressure gauge with target espresso range between 6-9 BAR
  • Choose between matte black, white, or chrome
  • Custom carrying-case for travel
  • Aesthetically beautiful copper-plated portafilter base
  • Brew bottomless or spouted
  • All stainless-steel brewing head with PC plunger
  • Custom handle grip for brewing ergonomics
  • 16-24 gram dose capacity and 70ml brewing chamber allows for expanded brewing ratios

We Call it the PRO 2 & The Pros Agree

“The Flair PRO 2 is sleek, sexy, and it packs up into this nice portable kit. But what’s most important is the flavor. The shots are super floral and sweet with well-balanced acidity. If you really want to duplicate a shot of espresso that you get from a high-quality espresso maker, the Flair will get you there.”

Lem Butler – 2016 U.S. Barista Champion

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Pro 2 – White, Pro 2 – Black, Pro 2 – Chrome


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